Services Offered
  • Hourly service rate
  • Hourly service rate not to exceed maximum agreed number of hours
  • Flat fee for one time review, consultation, or other scope of services agreed upon
  • Flat fee and reduced hourly rate beyond certain agreed upon hours to encourage early resolution of claim
  • Other rate or fee based upon client agreement
  • Sub consulting arrangements with other consulting entities
  • All of the above have an adjustable billing options including but not limited to:

    TPA Claims Attorney Consultants Services

    • Random sample audit of a claim file population to selected confidence intervals to assess reporting, reserving, response time, issue identification, to measure effectiveness of claims programs.
    • One time consulting review of an ongoing claim or claims  to assess damages, other responsible parties, experts, response time, outside retained counsel handling, long term strategy and recommended actions in the future.
    • Ongoing continuous review of client selected claim files for further handling suggestions.
    • Complete handling of claim file from initial claim, or existing claim to conclusion. Services would involve coverage analysis, initial claim documentation information including contract review, indemnification agreements review, additional insured document review, damages and/or injuries documentation, claim factual investigation review, party identification, liability analysis of claim including other parties, expert witness evaluation of need and scope of review, jurisdiction review, attorney selection and review if applicable, correspondence to appropriate parties and review of responses, further factual investigation as needed, settlement, and release.
    • Attorney and/or expert review of existing claim file and suggestions for further activity, and new attorney and/or expert appointment recommendations on existing files.
    • Coverage analysis only on a claim as to whether it is an insured claim under a self insured retention; analysis of contract documents as whether claim would fall within another party’s policy
    • Claims handling outsourcing on individual claim or account basis.

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