The following is list of legal and insurance coverage issues dealt with over my career.​

Services Offered
  • AIA Contract Documents including:  Owner/Architect contract, Owner/General Contractor, General Contractor/Subcontractor, General Conditions, General Conditions as related to All Risk Builders Risk Provisions
  • AGC contracts and scope of such as related to Builders Risk Policies
  • All Risk Builders Risk Policies and  Contracts as applicable to “workmanship” coverage, insurance companies and Johnson Controls TPA program
  • All Risk Builders Risk Policies and Contracts as related to indemnification agreements and hold harmless clauses for upstream and downstream contracts Johnson Controls TPA program
  • Additional Insured coverage issues related to upstream subcontractors and downstream contractors, insurance companies and Johnson Controls TPA program
  • Completed Operations Coverage as related to the Total Pollution Exclusion and other issues.
  • Completing operations coverage
  • Insured Contract coverage interpretations
  • Owned property exclusion
  • Expected and Intended coverage issues
  • Sudden and Accidental pollution exclusion
  • Choice of law issues related to issues of place of contract and/or location of the site
  • Time on the risk considerations as related to defense obligations per jurisdictions and sharing with other carriers

Legal Experience

The following is list of legal and insurance coverage issues dealt with over my career.

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  • Rearrangement of Parties as related to diversity of citizenship in federal court
  • Groundwater contamination and threat to groundwater contamination issues as related to defense and indemnification considerations
  • PRP related to defense and indemnification issues
  • Criteria related to “facts and circumstances” notification as related to coverage issues associated with later claims our policy and other insurance policies
  • Conditions precedent to coverage such as notification to insurance company, handling a claim on one’s own, coverage and prejudice issues.
  • Excess insurance coverage drop down issues, notification, prejudice.
  • Damages issues as related to fair market value versus repair costs
  • Betterment issues related to damages
  • Scope of shop drawing review by architect for contractor submittals
  • Plan stamping issues related to architects and engineers
  • High/low offers as related to settlement offers
  • Structured settlement offers and calculations of present value
  • Groundwater science basics from a week long seminar on Groundwater and consultation with our in house geologists
  • Blended attorney rate settlements as related to defense issues
  • Assignment of insurance policies
  • Insurance coverage analysis, insurance companies and in house TPA program for Johnson Controls, Inc. related to professional liability policies, general liability policies, environmental policies, commercial property 
  • policies, builders risk policies, and homeowner’s policies.