Mr. Keyser’s extensive experience in handling all types of claims has in turn given him extensive...

Mr. Keyser is a graduate of Marquette University Law School and has been a licensed attorney in...

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The following is list of legal and insurance coverage issues dealt with over my career.​

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Mr. Keyser also has received an MS degree in Business from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Real Estate Investment and Equity Analysis. The MS is the professional degree issued by that program, and the UW program in that area is consistently ranked within the top five real estate programs around the country.

Mr. Keyser’s legal and business background, wealth of experience in the insurance industry, private practice, and the corporate law department of Johnson Controls, Inc., under an internally administered TPA, provides him with a unique and broad perspective on complex claims and litigation management within the insurance and corporate industry. Due to the volume of files he dealt with over the years, Mr. Keyser believes he has handled more construction claims, more environmental claims, more coverage issues, than most attorneys have handled in their lifetime. 

From this experience, Mr. Keyser has developed an expertise to quickly and efficiently assess at an early stage the likely direction and exposure of various claims and litigation and provide for a strategic long term game plan to your claim or claims program. 

Claims Attorney Consultants maintains Attorneys Professional Liability coverage for errors and omissions with $500,000/$1,000,000 limits. Additional limits can be added as needed to satisfy your risk management requirements or claim situation.

Whether your liability claims program requires an audit, a one time consultation, or complete handling from beginning to end, Claims Attorney Consultants provides the expertise to move your liability situation, individual claim, TPA individual claim, or TPA handled program in the right direction. 

His later experience included 7 years handling on a national basis environmental insurance claims arising from general liability policies issued by Wausau, Nationwide, and Scottsdale Insurance Companies. His work for Wausau involved complex issues of insurance coverage related to expected and intended, sudden and accidental, the total pollution exclusion, and other coverage issues.

Mr. Keyser also worked for Travelers Insurance Company for 1 year handling large loss subrogation claims stemming from property policies issued by that company. In his first year there he recovered a unit high $1,000,000 on his assigned files.

Most recently, Mr. Keyser has worked 3 years in the Corporate Legal Department of Johnson Controls, Inc., a Fortune 100 company, handling products and services claims under an internal TPA for construction defect claims arising primarily from its building efficiency division for chillers, rooftop units, and other miscellaneous services performed by their branch offices around the country. 


Paul T. Keyser is the founder and principal of Claims Attorney Consultants. He is a graduate of Marquette University Law School and has been a licensed attorney in the State of Wisconsin and a member of the Wisconsin Bar for over 25 years. Other than some initial experience as a practicing attorney in the Milwaukee metropolitan area, most of the Mr. Keyser’s experience has been involved in the insurance industry and in the corporate law department of a Fortune 100 company, Johnson Controls, Inc., handling complex claims litigation, complex claims management, insurance coverage review, and declaratory judgments. His experience spans a broad list of well known insurance companies.

At Shand Morahan and CNA, for 8 years he was involved in handling professional liability policies insuring architects and engineers issued by Northbrook Insurance Company, General Accident, Evanston Insurance Company, and CNA. At Shand Morahan, Mr. Keyser also handled at the time a newly created claims made basis environmental insurance policy.