"When you have no final destination, any direction will do"

Is your claims program out of control? Is your insurance claims outsourcing program working for you? Is your TPA or claims division swamped with complicated cases that seem to have no direction? Does your TPA understand your firm’s work? Do they even keep you up to date as to developments?​

If any of the above can be answered yes, Claims Attorney Consultants may be your next step. We provide attorney directed TPA, claims consulting, and outsourcing at reasonable rates well below most law firms yet have a wealth of experience in the insurance industry handling complex claims and litigation beyond almost any firm.

As of September 1, 2017, Claims Attorney Consultants provides it's services solely as a practice speciality within the Weiss Law Firm. Monte Weiss is the principal of the Weiss Law Firm which he started in 1998. Mr. Weiss has extensive trial and hands-on litigation experience primarily representing insurance companies in defense work and coverage issues. Mr. Weiss also represents major corporations handling their insurance issues. The Weiss Law Firm has several associates with specialities ranging from automobile, subrogation, worker's compensation, and insurance coverage issues in these areas. Mr. Keyser can be reached at the Weiss Law Firm at www.mweisslaw.net along with any other members of the firm.